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Laser Tag and more Provided by Tropical Extremes!

Tropical Extremes supplies fun and unique laser sport activities for corporate team building, college activities, birthday parties, and are mobile nationwide.

We are not a facility! We are 100% mobile and come to you!

The Activities

Laser TagLaser Battle- Laser Tag on a paintball field, no kiddie laser tag equipment, just our military-grade infrared guns.

Archery Battle- Archery Battle Tag is played with real bows and soft tip arrows where players get to shoot at each other and at a still target for points while wearing paintball masks!

Archery Target Range- Target shooting with a wide array of targets that include standstill, spinning and 3D styles for you to aim and shoot at with our Archery Battle Tag equipment for points.

Hydro Battle- Water tag with a various array of squirt guns!

Dart Battle- Nerf tag with a variety of Nerf dart guns perfect for the young ones who aren’t quite old enough to handle our other activities!

Skeet Battle- NEWEST addition to the Tropical Extremes, Inc.- it is laser sport trap shooting that utilizes infrared technology with 12-gauge over-under shotguns.

What Makes Tropical Extremes, Inc. Different and more Fun?

Laser Tag vs Laser Battle

STAFF, quality with energy

Our Tropical Extremes, Inc. Staff are the absolute best in the business. They communicate well with all Clients and are a great source of energy for the event. They are trained to entertain and manage, not supervise. Staff will be fully involved with every part of the activity.

100% mobile

All of our activities are completely portable. Most birthday parties will be more regional to the following areas: Dallas, TX, Fort Worth, TX, DFW, Naples, FL and Miami, FL. But, we do travel to ANY location in the USA.

On location needs

All of our activities, with the exception of Hydro Battle, are indoor or outdoor, day or night.


Every activity, every game, incorporates a team building structure, helping to emphasize communication, strategy and leadership, while having a great time.

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Our Testimonials

"I used to work at a Laser Tag establishment for 2 years in high school and have never experienced a "different" style of playing the game. I would have to say that Laser Battle is a million times more fun and exciting. ....


About Us

Laser TagEstablished in 2006, Tropical Extremes, Inc. came from the minds of one K-9 Police Officer and one Entrepreneur. Originally using the name Laser Battle, we started with TWO directives: First Directive, "Provide the greatest experience on the field, at every event, such that the player would return the very next day to play again." Second Directive, "Provide top quality service from the phone call to the event breakdown." When Laser Battle began there were only facilities/locations in which to use this style of equipment, not portable. The only mobile laser tags were for the very young kids and played inside inflatables. The need for an adult style and crowd pleasing activity was not being met. Laser Battle was created to fill this need while still taking care of ALL the kids. In recent years we grew into the name Tropical Extremes, Inc. as we expanded our activity list.

Hydro Battle


Hydro Battle


Laser Battle


Laser Battle


Archery Battle Field

Archery Battle Field


Archery Target Range

Archery Target Range


Skeet Battle


Clay Target Shooting